We support up to 28 Residents in Two Facilities with Frail Care, Dementia & Alzheimer related Illnesses


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Dementia & Alzheimers

Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with Dementia, making the Disease a Global Health Crisis that must be addressed.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of Dementia, an overall term for conditions that occur when the brain no longer functions properly. Alzheimer’s causes problems with memory, thinking and Behavior. In the early stage, Dementia symptoms may be minimal, but as the disease causes more damage to the brain, symptoms worsen.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is life changing for the person with the disease, as well as their family and friends, however information and support are available. No one has to face Alzheimer’s disease or another Dementia alone.

Coming to terms with this illness is difficult for both those affected by it together with their loved ones. Calling on support for a loved one is one of the toughest decisions you’ll be required to do.

To this end Akina Mama Memory Care has positioned itself to care for those in need by establishing two facilities in the communities of Lyttleton & Lyttleton Manor, Pretoria.

"Making your Family, part of Ours"

What sets our facility apart

We have gained so much useful and crucial knowledge, understanding, friends and networks in our time as homecare providers that have enriched not only our lives, but those of our patient’s and their family’s lives too. Our passion and commitment continually grows because of the experience.

To ensure residents safety, Akina Mama Memory Care is secure, allowing residents to roam around and explore as much as they wish within its confines.

Constant Reminiscence Therapy paired with the freedom allows residents to quell behavioral issues. This often results in the reduced need for high-powered drugs and medication.

Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence as much as possible however, our trained Caregivers are available to assist in every aspect of activities of daily living.

Our skilled caregivers really do care!

Our professional and skilled Caregivers are trained in the delivery of high-quality care to all residents, of all abilities ensuring that all residents’ expectation are met. Our highly trained Caregivers know the different types and stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and are experienced in helping patients and their families cope with the challenges that caring for someone with Dementia brings about on a daily basis.

Our Carers are enthusiastic and committed to caring for someone with Dementia, helping them to live comfortably within the environment they are now introduced to.

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